Idea: science packs for schools?

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Nov 28 14:22:44 UTC 2016

On Monday 28. November 2016 12.22.12 Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> About the software/hardware part: My impression (can be biased by my own
> way of learning) is that it is much more fun to have software as part of
> something which will change physical things.

It is interesting to read (supposed) user feedback about the Micro:Bit where 
people seem to be happy with what they can do with it, which for the most part 
would seem to involve blinking LEDs since the ecosystem is currently nowhere 
near as broad as for other devices. This goes against what people once said 
about such simple devices - that children wouldn't be impressed because there 
are no fancy graphics - although it is possible that as with so many of these 
devices, adults are acquiring them and enthusing about them in such feedback.

Nevertheless, the physical world interactions promoted by such devices, as 
opposed to simulating things with a PC, are becoming increasingly relevant and 
affordable. And although one could do a lot with mobile phones because they 
usually include a package of different sensors - this was even advocated by 
various people when the Raspberry Pi was being promoted as a learning tool - 
the state of the mobile platforms is a significant concern, especially to 
people who want to uphold the interests of Free Software.


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