Implementing a code of conduct?

Laura Arjona Reina larjona at
Thu Nov 3 15:01:06 UTC 2016

El 3 de noviembre de 2016 15:51:52 CET, Jonas Oberg <jonas at> escribió:
>Hi Mauricio,
>> I respect the effort of creating such code, but I am against of
>having a
>> Code of Conduct. People are able to decide by themselves how to
>behave in a
>> polite way and how to treat the others with respect and kindness.
>I believe there's a fundamental misunderstanding about this. A Code of
>Conduct, to me, does not have as its primary function to tell people
>to behave.
>A Code of Conduct is a way for those who are being harassed or abused
>to understand that such behaviour is not acceptable in our community,
>and gives them a possibility and a power to report incidents.
>If you're being harassed on a mailing list, in a meeting, at a
>or anywhere else online or offline, in our community, and there's no 
>information available to you about what is acceptable behaviour, nor
>way to report unacceptable behaviour, you're very likely to leave our
>I want the FSFE to feel safe, welcoming and inclusive. The Code of
>is one of the ways we make sure this is the case. It will not have an
>on most, but for those who are being harassed or abused, have
>this in the past, or feel that they could be, our community having a
>Code of Conduct will make an enormous impact on their willingness to be
>part of it.


Laura Arjona Reina

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