Implementing a code of conduct?

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Thu Nov 3 14:51:52 UTC 2016

Hi Mauricio,

> I respect the effort of creating such code, but I am against of having a
> Code of Conduct. People are able to decide by themselves how to behave in a
> polite way and how to treat the others with respect and kindness.

I believe there's a fundamental misunderstanding about this. A Code of
Conduct, to me, does not have as its primary function to tell people how
to behave.

A Code of Conduct is a way for those who are being harassed or abused
to understand that such behaviour is not acceptable in our community,
and gives them a possibility and a power to report incidents.

If you're being harassed on a mailing list, in a meeting, at a conference,
or anywhere else online or offline, in our community, and there's no 
information available to you about what is acceptable behaviour, nor any
way to report unacceptable behaviour, you're very likely to leave our

I want the FSFE to feel safe, welcoming and inclusive. The Code of Conduct
is one of the ways we make sure this is the case. It will not have an impact
on most, but for those who are being harassed or abused, have experienced
this in the past, or feel that they could be, our community having a
Code of Conduct will make an enormous impact on their willingness to be
part of it.

Jonas Öberg, Executive Director
Free Software Foundation Europe | jonas at
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