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Tue Mar 1 06:56:18 UTC 2016

Hi Paul,

Paul Hänsch <paul at>, Monday, 29 February 2016, 22:22:22 CET:
> OK, I've set up a special permission group in the new wiki:

Thank you for that!  I'm not trying to be picky, but is there are reason 
caretakers has been split into two words?

> Please think of top level structures, categories and templates and set
> them up.

I'm happy to help with the migration, but I don't think we had enough 
time to think about appropriate structures yet.  We're still in a phase 
of collecting ideas.

> Also read and edit

I'm really excited about what I read there.  Being able to edit the menu 
is a great feature, for example.

> Having access to the server I can migrate pages from the old Wiki
> easily, including their edit history.

Given that the wiki caretakers are currently still collecting ideas, I 
would suggest to just go ahead and migrate pages that way.  It is 
cleaner from a technical perspective, keeping histories is important, 
and I would imagine moving the text files MoinMoin has is a relatively 
smooth rsync task.  If there is a way to help with this, I am happy to 
do it, but I don't think setting up pages manually and copying content 
from the old wiki is a good course of action (unless there are cases 
where that is necessary).  Just let me know what I can do to help.

> When I am done with those critical parts (~90 pages), I could move all
> remaining, unprotected pages to some incoming section of the new wiki
> and we can move them into place, and rename them from there.

We could also move and rename pages if they go to the same place they 
are in now.  This way, the wiki stays usable throughout the process, so 
I'm in favor of that, especially given the current phase of the 

By th way, I had an idea to edit the CSS to make the wiki look more like 
the FSFE front page.  If this is a goal, then what would be the best way 
of trying out those ideas?  I currently use stylish, but that is a bit 
messy to debug.

Happy hacking!

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