Ceertified OSS developers

Lancelot PECQUET lancelot at pecquet.org
Wed Jun 8 12:43:33 UTC 2016

>> I came with a little bit strange question here.  Has anybody ever heard
>> about any organizations which provide formal trainings / certification in
>> open source / free software expertise?
>> I do not mean the technical expertise in specific open source software. But
>> rather the OSS contributions / licensing issues - e.g., to know what is the
> I don't really know them, but I've seen news/ads of a private work training 
> high school (is that name correct for bac+5?) in France :
> http://www.opensourceschool.fr/programme/panorama-du-bac-5/
> They speak exclusively of open source, not free software, not logiciel libre,
> but they include some licensing and economics stuff. Most seems to be 
> specific software or programming languages or so on. And they claim
> they attain some ministry certification (Niveau I RNCP de l'EPSI). 

NB: "Bac+5" (5 years after high school diploma called "baccalauréat" in
French) is "Master's degree".
A few videos (in French) http://www.opensourceschool.fr/oss/oss-en-videos/
It is new; educational resources not seem open and/or available (yet?).

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