Feedback for new section on Security in-a-Box specifically for GNU/Linux users

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Fri Aug 12 22:03:56 UTC 2016

Hi Matthias,
hi Free Software lovers,

On Mon, Aug 08, 2016 at 01:21:58PM +0200, Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> I was contacted by tacticaltech about the new section on howtos for
> security under GNU/Linux, see the message below.

Glad to hear you are in contact. I had a chance to leaf through their
beautiful book "security in-a-box" and respect them for their work.

> I already sent them some feedback about it (Veracrypt not being Free
> Software, 

Veracrypt is released under the Apache 2.0 license which is listed
among the GPL-compatible free software licenses in the green section
of <>.

If you are driving at the difference between Free Software and free
software, then yes, the Apache license is of the latter kind (lax,
permissive), but on their website, Tacticaltech write "free software"
<>, which looks
correct to me. Does this version already incorporate your comments?
Perhaps you should have shared them with this list to avoid confusion.

The FSF recommends the Apache 2.0 for small software programs
<> which
Veracrypt is not, but I think this should not prevent anyone from
recommending Veracrypt as long as no cross-platform hard disk
encryption software is available with a more desirable license from
FSF(E)'s point of view.

> If you also have feedback they told me you can directly sent it to
> security at (in case you want encrypt, they sent me the
> attached public key for that). 

You did not attach a key.

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