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Polina Malaja polina at
Thu Apr 7 15:36:32 UTC 2016

Dear all,

The European Commission (EC) is currently asking for opinions to decide
on the fate of 750 million euro to be spent on the 'future of the
internet' in a public consultation[^1]. It is a great opportunity for
the building block of the internet, i.e. Free Software community, to
step up and propose ideas to the EC on how to update its vision for the
area, to identify key technological challenges and research priorities,
and to establish a research and innovation agenda for the coming years.

It would be great to include as many Free Software projects as possible
to the updated vision of the European Commission about what it should fo
for the future of the internet.

The aforementioned consultation is very brief (just a few questions with
the answer capacity of max 2 pages) and we have been told that any input
(even a few lines) can have a huge impact on the decision making.

The deadline is urgent: * 10 April*.

So everyone, if you have any ideas on how the future of the internet
should look like, please provide your answers before Sunday.

In case you'd need an inspiration for your contribution, Michiel
Leenaars from NLnet foundation wrote the article describing his vision
for future internet and the background of the consultation.[^2]

Please disseminate this information through your channels so it can
spread as much as possible! Any input, even as short as few lines, can
have an impact.

Kind regards,


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