Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Oct 23 10:01:19 UTC 2015

On Friday 23. October 2015 10.43.36 bruni at fsfe.org wrote:
> CC free PDF is available only as source code, as far as I know.
> Unfortunately, I have no time or motivation to try a build in Windows.

Perhaps drifting away from the specific topic slightly here, and with regard 
to the Free Software applications that most people use on Free Software 
operating systems, I did have some success using MXE to cross-build some work-
related, Qt-based things a year or so ago:


However, I imagine that the challenge is slimming down the stack of 
dependencies. In particular, KDE-based software is notorious even in GNU/Linux 
distributions for wanting to bring in tens of other packages and libraries, 
maybe even wanting desktop integration.


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