Italian universities started to sell students' privacy to big corps through email accounts

Theo Schmidt at
Sun Aug 23 16:28:28 UTC 2015

Am 22.08.2015 um 10:34 schrieb Valentino Santori:
> I can report my personal experience and others I know:
> Università Politecnica delle Marche (located in Ancona) used to adopt
> a self-hosted Squirrelmail soultion, now It's migrating to Microsoft
> Hotmail;
> Università degli studi di Ferrara is using Gmail;
> Università degli studi di Parma is using Gmail;
> Università degli studi di Bologna is using Microsoft Hotmail.

Bern University in Switzerland also unfortunately migrated from a 
well-functioning Unix mail system to Microsoft Exchange a few years ago. 
I tried very hard (as an employee at the time) to find out how and why 
this happened, but nobody would tell me and nobody I knew cared one way 
or the other. Of course it suited users of Microsoft Outlook and also 
many more people started using the Outlook Calender in a Browser.

Best, Theo

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