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I'm currently in the early stages of starting a new Free Software initiative for knowledge 
workers. One thing that bothers me is where to host the development infrastructure. I would 
like to avoid self hosting at the moment for time reasons.

Until a while ago there was Gitorious, which seemed to fulfill my requirements for a Free 
Software hosting site since it was built on Free Software. Since its acquisition through Gitlab, 
that just provides an open core model, I think of it no better than of Github.

Github did a fine job in providing reliable hosting but its non-free from its base up.

GNU and nonGNU could be an option yet I think that the TOS are too harsh in demanding the 
software not being linked against non-free libraries or (only) run on non-free operating systems, 
which AFAIK would e.g. forbid to integrate Software hosted there with proprietary software like 
MS Outlook or builds for Android/Linux or Sailfish OS (not to speak of iOS).

I want to create 100% Free Software but not force its users to rely 100% on Free Software to 
run it (I would wish for that, but I also like freedom of choice for end users that are not yet ready 
to switch).

The software will of course be full featured without any proprietary software, integration would 
just enhance the experience of the users already using non-free software.

Only since i started to think about these issues e.g. (and probably billions of other 
services I've never heard of) went into distinction. So where should I preferrable host a Free 
Software project in 2015 (and a forseeable future)?

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