A lightweight laptop with SSD and good GNU/linx support?

Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild repentinus at fsfe.org
Fri Jan 18 10:16:28 UTC 2013


On 18 January 2013 08:16, Robert Kehl <rk23 at fsfe.org> wrote:
>> I'm not sure you understand that I will install debian on this...
> For sure I did.
I thought you might have been ignorant, but now I have to agree with
Hugo. Your tirade was counterproductive and useless.

> You did see the smileys? Calm down, Hugo, no need to get angry. Supporting
> Google is nothing we should do, and numbers count, even if you do not use
> Googles software. So, one should not buy Googles products if possible.
That attitude is, of course, also counterproductive. One shoult not
support Google's products that are non-free or market leaders.
However, getting subsidised hardware and then not using Google's OS on
it is actually harmful to Google's attempts to produce half-free
software compilations branded as OSes.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that Google supports several
Free Software organisations (including FSFE), a lot of FS development
by providing Google Code infrastructure and offers quite a few FS
packages; thus, Google is not by far the worst option.

Also on the pro side, one can be pretty sure that GNU/Linux has the
hardware support necessary to keep the Chromebook nicely running. Not
many systems guarantee that. Personally I am using a 15.4" Asus laptop
that is going to turn 4 soon and that laptop has better wireless
support on Windows (not that I have it installed) than GNU/Linux.

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