Analysis on Secure Boot / Restricted Boot

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"FSFE demands that before purchasing a device, buyers must be informed
concisely about the technical measures implemented in this device, as well
as the specific usage restrictions and their consequences for the owner."
=> "Not Linux Compatible"

I fear! It's one way to defend your market share when all other measures
fail! Surely it is the beginning of the end for MS, how long can this
strategy help them?

Maybe FSF or SFC will strike a similar deal and be the key-signing manager
that Fedora didn't want to be. But cutting their own groove for captivity,
MS may turn out to legitimise the other groove for freedom.


On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Matthias Kirschner <mk at> wrote:

> I just published an analysis on "Secure Boot":
>  FSFE's goal is to ensure that the owners of IT devices are always in
>  full and sole control of them. This fundamental principle is recently
>  being challenged.
>  With a function called "Secure Boot", which will be deployed in
>  computers starting 2012, manufacturers of IT hardware and software
>  components are striving to get into a position where they permanently
>  control the IT devices they produce. Hence such devices will be
>  "secure" from the manufacturer's perspective, but not necessarily from
>  the owner's point of view: The owner can be treated as an adversary.
>  By preventing uses of the device which the manufacturer does not
>  intend, they can control and limit what a general purpose IT machine
>  (e.g. a PC, laptop, netbook) may be used for. In case of IT devices
>  with internet access, they can alter these usage restrictions at any
>  time without even informing the device owner. As a result, IT
>  manufacturers at their will can take away common rights owners of
>  products usually receive.
>  [...]
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