Analysis on Secure Boot / Restricted Boot

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Fri Jun 1 13:50:37 UTC 2012

I just published an analysis on "Secure Boot": 

  FSFE's goal is to ensure that the owners of IT devices are always in
  full and sole control of them. This fundamental principle is recently
  being challenged.

  With a function called "Secure Boot", which will be deployed in
  computers starting 2012, manufacturers of IT hardware and software
  components are striving to get into a position where they permanently
  control the IT devices they produce. Hence such devices will be
  "secure" from the manufacturer's perspective, but not necessarily from
  the owner's point of view: The owner can be treated as an adversary.
  By preventing uses of the device which the manufacturer does not
  intend, they can control and limit what a general purpose IT machine
  (e.g. a PC, laptop, netbook) may be used for. In case of IT devices
  with internet access, they can alter these usage restrictions at any
  time without even informing the device owner. As a result, IT
  manufacturers at their will can take away common rights owners of
  products usually receive.


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