Your help until 29th January for the Standards Quartet

Matthias Kirschner mk at
Mon Jan 16 08:17:56 UTC 2012

Hey everybody,

we are currently organising the next Document Freedom Day on March 28th
and therefore we wanted to produce a card game, called "Standards
Quartet" (a card game that is often played by little children usually
not comparing different facts about Open Standards but about cars,
dinosaurs, etc.). For this we need your help to collect all the
information that we need, maybe you could help us out:

Please have a look at this link: and
fill in as many facts as you know.

Basically we need:

32 cards, 4 groups (each consisting of 8 different cards) and categories
to compare those cards:

Examples for the groups:
- Text 
- Video/Audio
- Picture
- Network

Examples for the categories:
- Amount of words of the current standards
- Amount of implementations
- Exists since year XY
- Freedom level? (Give points from our Open Standard Definition)
- Uses XY other open standards
- Amount of money to lobby the standards

If you have any other ideas for groups or categories, please add them to
the list. (You can also include proprietary standards, depending on how
many Open Standards we find we will decide how exactely to structure

We will than design the cards, and print them.

Thanks for your help!

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