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Matthias Kirschner mk at
Thu Feb 16 14:27:50 UTC 2012

hi Marcos,

* Marcos Marado <mindboosternoori at> [2012-02-13 16:31:22 +0000]:

> I'm not sure you've noticed that I've worked a bit on it this weekend. 
> As I said in my last note there:

No I have not noticed it before. 

> > Marcos Marado: if we end up only having three groups (I'm not sure if 4 is 
> > the minimum), then we have two categories covered, and only have to deal 
> > with "Network" and "Data"

We need 4 categories for the game. Another idea is also to split it in
other groups and also add older standards (not just Open Standards).
Than we could add MS OOXML / DOCX, .sxw, ... 

> I think this is feasible: we just need someone to look up those 16 standards 
> on wikipedia to see their creation year and the link for the specification, 
> then just:
> $ wget http://link-to-spec.txt -o /dev/null -O - |wc --words
> or, if the spec is only available on HTML, 
> $ wget http://link-to-spec.html -o /dev/null -O - |html2text |wc --words

Someone here able to do that?

> Checking out the Freedom Level is more time-consuming, but answering those 
> five questions/points ( ) is not that 
> hard... 

Can someone answer the questions? And than we should double check.

What about: we just give 1 point if the question is answered with yes,
and 0 if answered with no? 


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