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Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild repentinus at fsfe.org
Mon Feb 13 23:36:54 UTC 2012

Dear Fellows subscribed to this list,

As you ought to know, FSFE has recently added donor quotes to its
front page. (If you have not seen those quotes yet, take a look at
<https://fsfe.org/index.html>.) These quotes are good reasons to
support the Foundation. However, they are geared a bit towards
entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs usually have money; however, they do not
have time. Thus, the quotes contain good reasons for entrepreneurs to
support Free Software financially. Nevertheless, it would be useful to
let people who have more time or who do not have entrepreneurial
tendencies know why they should support Free Software and the

Thus, we are, as of now, collecting quotes from our Fellows on what it
means to be a Fellow, why they became Fellows, what part has the
Fellowship played in their life, et cetera. The quotes should not be
too long and they should be accompanied by the Fellow's picture. I
cannot guarantee we will use all the quotes, but I am sure we will use
some. Thus, by sending in a quote and a picture you obviously consent
to whatever use the FSFE is going to put those quotes to. :-)

As the quotes (or some of them) are going to be published anyway, you
ought to send in your quotes and pictures as replies to this very
e-mail. When we will have gathered enough and we will have decided
where exactly to display them, we will make some kind of a selection
and everyone will have an opportunity to see the finest experiences,
reasons, et cetera.

To begin with, here is my very own quote: "I honestly do not know why
I joined the Fellowship. However, the @fsfe.org e-mail alias is simply
great and you won't find a finer company to hack with on the Earth;
thus, I recommend joining us anyway, regardless of whether you are
into translating, coding, design, law or anything else even remotely
connected with Free Software." Now, I won't attach a picture, as mine
can be easily found on the Fellowship Interviews blog; however, you
should attach a one.

Furthermore, as it would get boring if everyone simply repeated what a
great Fellowship we have, you should try to put in a bit more of your
personality. It would be great if the quotes gave an overview of what
we Fellows (and other volunteers) do, why we do the things we do, and
who we are.

As you probably get what we want, just send in your quotes. And do not
worry if you do not know what we are looking for: It would be more
beneficial to send in your quote anyway.

Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild
<repentinus at fsfe.org>

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