Your views on the fellowship interviews

Sam Tuke samtuke at
Thu Mar 3 18:15:23 UTC 2011

The new series of fellowship interviews[1] has now been going for several 
months. Chris Woolfrey (interviewer) and I (editor) would appreciate any 
comments and general feedback on the interviews published thus far, or views 
on their direction in future.

Please reply before Wednesday 09.03.11.

Please share your views on any or all of the following:

1. Do you read the interviews regularly?
2. Do you find them interesting or informative?
3. Do you find them entertaining?
4. Do you think they appeal to people outside of the FS community? Should 
5. Do you believe that they focus strongly enough on FS?
6. Do you believe that they focus too much on FS?
7. How could the interviews be brought to new audiences / be more effectively 
8. Do you have any strong recommendations for future candidates?
9. Any other comments?



British Coordinator
Free Software Foundation Europe

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