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Tue Sep 28 12:48:32 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 28 September 2010 13.06:14 David Gerard wrote:
> Has anyone from FSF or FSFE been in touch with any of them?


When I was still representing FSFE, I met them regularly at various events, 
and raised issues such as this one. I'm sure Karsten does the same.

I've also known Simon Phipps for years and discussed these issues with him, 
and I know he read my article. My personal interpretation was that his "Open 
Source Scorecard" idea was an attempt to help rectify this development, 
although I'm not sure this was practical and proactive enough to actually have 
an impact.

Maybe the echo was not strong enough to encourage the OSI to move stronger 
into this direction. Maybe the board had different issues in mind.

But I think this is secondary.

This is not something that can be left up to any one organization.

It primarily needs people to no longer tolerate this practice and speak out 
when they see it practiced. Public protest can be a powerful thing. 

Best regards,

Georg C. F. Greve <greve at>
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