Should the FSF come out in support of Microsoft?

Kim Tucker kctucker at
Sun Oct 3 13:48:26 UTC 2010

If supporting them is a step towards invalidating all software patents
as a flawed concept, then yes.

If it adds legitimacy to the concept of software patents, and gives
even more power to those with substantial "arsenals" of patents
already, then no.



On 2 October 2010 12:39, Andreas K. Foerster <list at> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 02, 2010 at 03:22:39AM +0100, David Gerard wrote:
>> The EFF certainly has!
> It's good to look at the issue at hand, rather then at the parties involved.
> So, I think it is a good position they have in this case.  It may affect not
> only Microsoft, but Free Software comapnies also, because it could set a
> precedent.
> However, I think it is unfortunate how they put it in the headline of their
> article.  There they put the name of the company in the first position,
> instead of the topic the case is about. - Note, that I only complain about
> the headline!
> So yes, the deeds are good, the words are not.
> So I think, the FSF should have the same position, but they should communicate
> it differently.
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