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Kārlis Repsons k at
Sat Mar 20 21:24:21 UTC 2010

let me point your attention to a new kind of business, which has this far been 
impossible because of lack of adequate technological solutions and the related 
attitudes to it along with lacking knowledge. In fact, numerous big software 
projects, which do/should collect their money from many sources are 
operational already, just like there are many small developments like some 
dedicated blogs, which should receive support from many sources. As I see it, 
currently a great deal of failure is going on with both intelligently 
supporting others' developments and receiving support for own ones. And it 
doesn't surprise me at all -- how can things be different, when no trust is out 
there, just like predominantly there is so little knowledge about how much 
support a given project needs! Even it might all seem just logical to many, 
who see no failure, as such are the capabilities of the current economy. Quite 
inevitably, given an understanding about the capabilities of the latest 
information technologies, reasoning leads me to a conclusion, that a new kind 
of business is necessary. As various information projects develop and benefit 
everyone, who copies them in some way and finds them useful, the importance of 
competition lessens as opposed to importance of cooperation, simply because of 
more efficient way of making life better. But... Cooperation requires mutual 
support, which requires trust. How can so many people, who convene around a 
full spectrum of numerous information projects have a way to know how much 
support a given project needs, when question is about money? The full answer 
is too complex to say, effectively it is unique for each project and can differ 
greatly, however there is an important thing in common for all -- to receive 
support, open information projects have to provide knowledge of the support, 
which has been received already. That way there can be some reasonable trust. 
And it can happen through technological reliability. To understand what I mean 
by those two words, you have to read my presentation (link given below). In 
essence, I believe, that technological reliability can solve many problems and 
I also think, that I've made a bit of invention as for how to achieve it.

If you feel interested this far, you should read this:
or, if you would prefer slides, where contents appear incrementally, as if I 
was telling them piece by piece:

To git people: (hopefully this can be accepted there) well, first, thanks for 
inspiring me with your VCS, also I think, your responses might be valuable, as 
you're many serious programmers there, you could inspect my idea from 
technical point of view and give a feedback of what flaws you can see!

Thinking it over for multiple times, I think, those 5 principles are enough an 
idea to build the relevant software and use it with success... But Internet 
has a lot more eyes than I do, so, please be critical (but precise)! I'd like 
to have some confirmation, that my idea can be what I think it is, just like it 
should be useful to discuss the underlying problem (distributed support) in 

Development of those software components should be the further discussion, but 
I think, we are not there yet.

Also, if you are interested in this and happen to use gpg, please do a favour 
to me: consider that presentation a piece of my content-based identity and, to 
be sure of the next contents you might read, where I'm supposedly an author 
and signature file is given (as I'll do for each +- serious work), check the 
respective signatures against the attached public key (I do my best not to 
loose the other component of it)! If some mailprogram removes those files, 
search for 0xDA7B716812463FDFAB8D7A2E9CA777980D745B45 Thanks...
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