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Kārlis Repsons k at
Sun Mar 21 18:50:28 UTC 2010

On Sunday 21 March 2010 18:30:51 jamesmikedupont at wrote:
> PS:
> why don't we let others to read this and join up? I would prefer that!
> Well, I never get any positive feedback from fsfe.... So I dont post there.
Who cares, is this communication somewhat secret? I will check out myself, 
what can I loose, I think, nothing.

> Ok, you are thinking of some type of paypal.
How so? I think, not at all... Paypal is just another way to do the actual 
money transfer and OWB has nothing to do with the way money gets transfered! 
Is that clear or why not? (I presume, paypal doesn't allow any kind of public 
data of payments, right?)

Maybe my examples, where I wrote "don't need any authorities" made that 
impression? Well, is money an authority is the question, I think. I presumed 
there, that not.

> but how are you going to verify that the payment is done.
For an entry in archive, which is not mine? Why should I?
When I will support some OWB, I will certainly see, that my transfer is done 
or my paper money has been taken. Upon that it's my responsibility to make 
sure, that the OWB owner books payment.

> What if I have someone in nigeria who says he has 1 billion dollars and he
> can have 1 million people attest to it, but he does not.
Well, then if you take that million from him and book a record, I guess, 
people will demand from you as an OWB owner a great deal of work for free! 
Would you be interested in that or I misunderstood something?

And this:
> >I am thinking about this from a billing perspective.
> >I have done extensive
> >work in telecom billing.
> Please explain...

> mike
> 2010/3/21 Kārlis Repsons <k at>
> > On Sunday 21 March 2010 17:38:53 jamesmikedupont at wrote:
> > > what about counterfeiting
> >
> > Those users, who would want to pay to project "in pocket" can do anyway,
> > but
> > those, who want to let _all of the community_ to take into account _their
> > payment_, before they pay, can do so. If they have a trusted mirror
> > (perhaps,
> > their own PC), where they check their payment to get booked, with my OWB
> > software (as I imagine its principles and working) there should normally
> > be no
> > way for that payment to vanish... Well, there are many odds, is why I
> > also posted to git list, but they apparently don't want to read... They
> > are good, I
> > know... Well, anyway, I don't see any reason why that can't work and I've
> > been
> > thinking for long!
> >
> > >OK, this is an open donation system.
> >
> > Hmm.. That way you'd call it? Would you call a software development fund,
> > which runs as OWB an open donation something too? I mean, fund should
> > certainly also book the outgoing payments too.
> >
> > >good idea!
> >
> > World is a pool of everything, one can receive an award for crime and
> > death penalty for world saving, but thanks :)
> >
> > >I am thinking about this from a billing perspective.
> > >I have done extensive
> > >work in telecom billing.
> >
> > Please explain...
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