Examples of proprietary control

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Tue Oct 13 12:06:43 UTC 2009

Itunes not supporting non-apple hardware - palm having to use Apples USB id.

Conflicts between different OS/service-pack requirements of different 

As a contrary example, I spoke to an ex-Sun distributor who wrote a scsi 
driver (ages ago) for some older Sun hardware so that a new SunOS 
release would run on the older hardware.


* Carsten Agger wrote, On 13/10/09 12:04:
> I'm doing a text about the potential damages of proprietary software and
> have mentioned the "celebrity cases" of Windows installing "Windows
> Genuine Advantage" with the automatic updates, Apple reserving the right
> to zap any and all iPhone Apps it doesn't like and the Amazon Kindle
> censorship case - trying to argue, obviously, that if all software was
> shipped as free software as a matter of course, that kind of behaviour
> would not be as big a problem as users and organizations would be able
> to change it.
> Does anyone know of more striking cases, possibly a list, of people who
> have been badly bitten by proprietary software. (There's the standards
> issue, of course, but that deserves to be treated apart).
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