Figures about Free Software companies this year

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Sergey Matveev <stargravesm at>

> I have got some kind of success story in a company where I work. It
> manufactures different server solutions, network attached storages and
> so on. Because of financial crisis it was not able to pay for very
> expensive proprietary software for those NASes. And there was a
> decision to create own free software replacement for it. And we
> perfectly succeeded with it and with contribution to some other free
> software projects!

That's really good news — especially that your company found reason,
beyond fixing only their own problem in isolation, to also contribute to
free software.

Would you be kind enough to write an article and submit it to, say,
<URL:>? Stories like this, with
enough detail, can *really* help people working in other companies to
get management support for doing something similar.

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