Similar discussion list but not only for Europe?

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Sat Mar 7 00:03:46 UTC 2009

"Andres G. Aragoneses" <aaragoneses at> writes:

> Hello there. Is there a similar discussion list as this one, but
> global?

That would make sense only if the specific jurisdictions affecting
software freedom were global. Despite the ongoing efforts of the
“intellectual property” cabal to “harmonise” jurisdictions
world-wide on their vision of property, that remains not the case.

> My particular interest is to talk about a draft of a new license I
> want to propose (similar to the AGPL, in the sense that has only
> small variations, but important ones for the niche I'm thinking of).

Since the issues of a copyright license need to be discussed in terms
of specific copyright jurisdictions, it seems best to bring it up in
each one.

First, though, is the question of license proliferation. It's widely
recognised to be a bad idea to make new licenses for free software,
instead of choosing existing ones that have been examined over many
years and are known to be relatively trouble-free.

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