RFC - e-mail in tough environments

Martin Gollowitzer gollo at fsfe.org
Thu Dec 10 17:55:23 UTC 2009

Hi Yavor,

* Yavor Doganov <yavor at gnu.org> [091210 18:40]:
> Matthias Kirschner wrote:
> >     - *E-Mail signature* Keep it small and simple. Signatures longer
> >       than five lines should be avoided.
> IIRC in the good old days the standard was maximum 4 lines (5 lines
> with the "-- " sig separator).
> >     - *Mailinglists* Use list-reply. It is not necessary to include the
> >       sender in To: or Cc: if he is subscribed. If the e-mail programs
> >       are configured correct the sender will be Cc’ed if he is not
> >       subscribed or wishes to be Cc’ed.
> Hmm.  This is certainly debatable.  On GNU and GNOME mailing lists
> (and I dare to say, on *most* free software lists) the default policy
> is to always to CC people who participated in the thread.
I tend to agree. I use the list-reply function mainly if, for example, a
question from someone comes to a private mailinglist and my reply is
intended as list-internal (thus, I also change the subject line) or if I
know the sender of a message is on that list anyway. Otherwise, I almost
always use mutt's group-reply function, which replies to the sender
*and* the mailing list, additionally setting the Mail-Followup-To:
header to the list and the receiver. Since I actually don't want to get
doubled messages, I (if possible) configure the mailing list software to
not send me duplicates. That way, I stay on top of the discussion as
replies go to my main inbox and is not automatically put into the
mailing list folder without receiving every message x times.

Just my €0,02


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