Violation of AGPL!

Shane Martin Coughlan coughlan at
Thu Jan 24 11:36:52 UTC 2008

Carsten Agger wrote:
> However, note that the if developer holds the copyright of the code himself, he's perfectly entitled to do so. However, his work is then not really under the AGPL as he claims, but under a new license consisting of the AGPL + one additional restriction. This is confusing and undesirable and I personally don't like the concept of "badgeware" inherent in some "Open Source" licenses, but if he owns the copyright to the code, he's not violating the AGPL by defining such terms.

Yes, if the developer is the sole author then he or she can determine
their own terms of distribution.  However, the text from Alexander's
report suggested that the developer in question is interpreting the AGPL
as validating what might be termed badgeware.  That is an issue that may
need addressing.



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