Accused of copyright infridgment

Antonello Lobianco blackhole at
Wed Feb 6 17:26:38 UTC 2008

On mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008, Alex Hudson wrote:

> Ignoring potential legal action is almost certainly the absolute worst
> way to respond - not least because hiring a lawyer to get real advice
> and write back to them is much cheaper than going to court (where you're
> not likely to recover your costs).
> If they are blowing smoke, it's pretty cheap to get a professional to
> write to them and ask them to be specific, and that will likely be the
> last he hears from them. Also, some Universities will have retained
> services already which could be useful in this regard.
> Cheers,
> Alex.

I used a software to search for similarities within source code, and I applied it over my code and their one.
Results are here:

What do you think??? I can't really find anything similar aside a small section that refer to the usage of an external library (GLPK):
The wrapper to such library is from the library (exelent) manual, and any-how it was me implementing it on the original code.. they was using instead an old expensive library..


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