Free software and priorities?

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Tue Sep 25 12:17:44 UTC 2007

On 9/25/07, Max Moritz Sievers <mms at> wrote:
> Alexander Braun wrote:
> > I'd like to contribute a further review on the term "freedom" to your
> > mail. In my opinion it is not as subordinate as the interviewer on zdnet
> > put it in his questions.
> Do you think many of ZDNet's readers see themselves as part of some
> movement -- anti-poverty, or anti-war, or for some other form of social
> change? Hint: This interview is made by ZNET -- the website of
> Z Communications: The Spirit of Resistance Lives.
Exactly - anyway, thanks for the response; I more or less agree myself
- I asked the questiona because I am asked them frequently by people
who are more or less activist on other fronts but are so used to an
environment of proprietary software (Windows, Office, Photoshop, which
have market shares around 90+ %)  and wanted to hear some other angles
to it ...
but the truth is, that the people inclined to use free software are
mainly technically inclined people - probably because less technically
inclined people are easily discouraged, and some things (like
installing a printer in some versions of GNU/Linux) seem unreasonably
difficult to some people; so I try to argue, not that they necessarily
should go through a technical challenge they couldn't always manage
themselves without support, but that yes, it does make a difference

but because of this I think more widespread adoption of free software
will come through adoption of GNU/Linux in the workplaces and in
schools - which is, of course, also starting to happen (though not
much here in Denmark, which is still very much a Microsoft country).
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