STACS event in London

Jonas Oberg oberg at
Mon Nov 19 16:12:03 UTC 2007

MJ Ray wrote:

> OK, now I'm confused.  Was this an NGO event (as in the above, in
> which case I don't care that much but can think of some people I would
> have told) or a Third Sector event (as the article suggests)?

Well, in the strictest sense of things, the event was for Civil Society
Organisation. However, as The Hub includes a number of companies from
the Third Sector (and indeed, our partner in this, M6-IT, would also
belong in the Third Sector), this obviously rubbed off a bit on some of
the discussions (not surprisingly, some of the participants from civil
society also ran Third Sector companies).

But the idea was, and still is for future engagements, to engage Civil
Society Organisations.

> Any way, I'm glad it went well for those who did know about it.  I'd
> suggest including any future events in the FSFE newsletter.

Thank you for that suggestion! Indeed, since the last newsletter, we're
actually including the events we know about in the newsletter before
they actually happen :)

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