STACS event in London

MJ Ray mjr at
Mon Nov 19 15:57:35 UTC 2007

Jonas Oberg <oberg at> wrote:
> a few weeks ago, the FSFE together with M6-IT organised an event in
> London, taking place at The Hub near Angel. The event was part of the
> STACS project that we're working on and was intended to bring NGOs to
> London to learn more about Free Software. [...]

OK, now I'm confused.  Was this an NGO event (as in the above, in
which case I don't care that much but can think of some people I would
have told) or a Third Sector event (as the article suggests)?  If it
was meant to be a third sector event, it's pretty shameful that the
national union for cooperative and mutual enterprises, Cooperatives
UK, seems not to have been told - cooperatives and mutuals are a very
big part of the third sector, but the NGO/NPO/CIC part seems inclined
to forget us.

Any way, I'm glad it went well for those who did know about it.  I'd
suggest including any future events in the FSFE newsletter.

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