3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Georg C. F. Greve greve at fsfeurope.org
Tue Mar 13 22:08:51 UTC 2007

 || On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 19:55:41 +0100 (CET)
 || "Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams at gnu.org> wrote: 

 ams> Then the only right thing to do is to not recommend any device,

That is why no device is being recommended.

As was pointed out by others before, this part of the raffle is about
giving developers access to hardware that is coming closest to our
goals and thus give them the best start in making them entirely free.

 ams> When the GNU project was started, there was no free software;
 ams> one had no choice other than non-free sofyware.  Today we have
 ams> all the tools needed to reject all non-free software.

For desktops that is true.

For mobile devices it is unfortunately not yet true and requires more
work by the Free Software community.

 ams> Debian is also a bad example, [...]

Please read my previous mail again.

Your criticism is precisely why Debian is a good example.

Without Debian there would have been no Ubuntu, and without Ubuntu
there would be no Gnewsense. And Gnewsense itself helped influence
others to think about providing pure Free Software distributions.

 ams>    We need to build a stronger presence of the Free Software
 ams>    community in this area.

 ams> And this is by distributing devices that contain `almost
 ams> entirely Free Software'?

Without access to Ubuntu, Gnewsense would not exist.

In the case of Ubuntu, the distribution was available without cost on
the internet. That is not true for hardware. But if someone had told
me that they wanted to create Gnewsense and they needed access to
Ubuntu to do that job, I would indeed have sent them a DVD.


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