3rd Fellowship Raffle to attract more Fellows

Kaloian Doganov kaloian at doganov.org
Tue Mar 13 21:24:16 UTC 2007

"Gareth Bowker" <tgb at fsfe.org> writes:

    ...and yet before UTUTO-e, "even" RMS used Debian.

I doubt that RMS used any proprietary software packages on his Debian
system.  At that time one could use Debian without running non-free
software.  Anyway.

The point is not whether you personally would use proprietary software
on your phone, but whether FSFE will distribute non-free software to
users.  This is a very bad (and sad) example.  It looks like it's not
so unethical to distribute non-free software.  Any vendor can point to
FSFE and say: "Even FSFE distributes non-free software, so why don't

"Fellowship Raffle 2007: Time to give back" -- I'm sick of it.

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