Fwd: Help - Voting open source into e-govemernment

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Fri Aug 31 18:04:38 UTC 2007

Guillaume Yziquel <yziquel at fsfeurope.org> wrote:
> This might be of interest to someone...
> A person wanting us to promote "open source" on a short notice, with a
> website asking to fill out a form to get registered to vote for this stuff.

> >>> www.zeapartners.org/articles/vote-egov007

There's far more vexing terms than "open source" involved here.
The site has a "Human Check" which prevents people who cannot read
yellows on an orange+white background well from registering to vote.

I find it rather offensive to suggest that people who fail it are not

I am disappointed that the European Commission uses such a thing. I
cannot check the status of this site or EC policy about calling
visually-impaired people inhuman because http://ec.europa.eu/
currently reports 403 Forbidden to me.  The W3C advice on this is:

Is this really an European Commission site, are EC sites allowed to do
that and how can visually-impaired people register to vote?

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