Fwd: Help - Voting open source into e-govemernment

Guillaume Yziquel yziquel at fsfeurope.org
Fri Aug 31 14:37:44 UTC 2007

This might be of interest to someone...

A person wanting us to promote "open source" on a short notice, with a
website asking to fill out a form to get registered to vote for this stuff.

Guillaume Yziquel a écrit :
> Xavier Heymans a écrit :
>> Dear Mrs, Mr,
>> I received an automatic reply suggesting to send you this email.
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Xavier Heymans
> Dear Xavier Heymans,
> your message has made it to office at fsfeurope.org. I am the assistant of
> Georg Greve, president of the Free Software Foundation Europe.
> I am not in a position to answer your request for now. I simply wish to
> point out a few informations:
> We have an office in Brussels, for our Brussels representative, Ciáran
> o'Riordan <oriordan at fsfeurope.org>. But our organisation is essentially
> based in Zürich, Switzerland, and in Göteborg, Sweden.
> If Misters Greve and o'Riordan fail to answer you in a timely manner,
> you can also try to contact Mister Jonas Öberg, vice-president of the FSFE.
> Please be aware that the recent turmoil around the ISO process about the
> MS OOXML file format is taking much of our energy these days. Please
> bear on us, and feel free to contact me back if you're impatient. I'll
> do my best to get you in contact with the relevant persons.
> I've got a few questions below however:
>> -----
>> Xavier Heymans, CEO
>> Zea Partners
>> Avenue Maeterlinck 18
>> 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
>> Phone : +32-(0)10 45 99 02
>> Mobile : +32-(0)478 516 777
>> www.zeapartners.org
>> Begin forwarded message:
>>> From: Xavier Heymans <xavier at zeapartners.org>
>>> Date: Thu 30 Aug 2007 12:20:13 GMT+02:00
>>> To: ciaran at fsfe.org, greve at fsfeurope.org
>>> Cc: Nicolas Bossut <nicolas at zeapartners.org>
>>> Subject: Help - Voting open source into e-govemernment
>>> Dear M. Riordan and Greeve,
>>> I’m contacting you to evaluate if it would be possible to get support
>>> from the FSF Europe to promote the article below and doing so, having
>>> an open source project winning an Award at the EU e-Gov awards
>>> organized by the EU Commission.
>>> PloneGov, a project in which Zea Partners (non-profit) is involved,
>>> has all the chances to win the award. As far as we know, PloneGov is
>>> the only truly open source and international project that was selected
>>> among the 53 finalists. The project results of a close collaboration
>>> between the public sectors and an open source community.
> You are using the expression "open source". This term covers a lot of
> different licences. Could you please detail the licence under which the
> sotware is distributed.
> I also wish to make clear that we do not endorse the use of the
> expression "open source", because of the confusion it can create: some
> interpretations of "open source" are not fully compatible for the 4
> freedoms typically applicable to Free Software.
> We therefore do attach importance to PloneGov's licensing terms. Could
> you provide that to us?
>>> Developing open source in the public sector is strategic for the
>>> future of OS in Europe, for the impact in term of OS adoption but also
>>> for the political support.
> Apart from the "OS" wording, we do endorse this vision.
>>> For example, Philippe Busquin is supporting
>>> PloneGov (mayor of Seneffe, member of PloneGov), former EU
>>> Commissioner for Research and member of the European Parliament
>>> (member of the Committee of Industry, Research and Energy).
>>> www.zeapartners.org/events/may07/plone-egov-workshop
>>> I would also be interested to have a contact with you to evaluate
>>> possibilities of collaboration to promote OS at European level. I
>>> understand that your offices are based in Brussels, I'm also based in
>>> Belgium.
> You can perhaps contact Ciáran o'Riordan, as he's our Bruxelles lobbying
> representative. He's however fairly busy, but the name and title of
> Philippe Busquin might therefore ring a bell for him.
>>> Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any question.
>>> With my best regards,
>>> Xavier Heymans
>>> ========================================================
>>> Last days of a unique opportunity to vote Open Source into eGovernment
>>> ========================================================
>>> Your vote for the “Most innovative good practice” award is a unique
>>> opportunity to reach politicians and decision makers. Winning this
>>> award will highlight the maturity achieved by the Open Source
>>> collaborative model as a pragmatic way to tackle IT challenges in
>>> society. You may vote until Friday, September 7th.
>>> www.zeapartners.org/articles/vote-egov007
>>> -----
>>> Xavier Heymans, CEO
>>> Zea Partners
>>> Avenue Maeterlinck 18
>>> 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
>>> Phone : +32-(0)10 45 99 02
>>> Mobile : +32-(0)478 516 777
>>> www.zeapartners.org

Guillaume Yziquel,              Assistant of Georg Greve, president of
yziquel at fsfeurope.org           the Free Software Foundation Europe.
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