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Sam Liddicott sam at
Fri Oct 27 13:59:39 UTC 2006

* Alfred M. Szmidt wrote, On 27/10/06 13:42:
>    > Which are perfectly fine.  Please refrain from spreading FUD.
>    > The requirement for FDL wrt documentation is no different than
>    > the requirement for the GPL or a GPL compatible license when it
>    > comes to software.
>    PLEASE let's not start this discussion again. It's been done to
>    death.
> If it was, the MJ would be spreading FUD.  Since he does, it is still
> alive and kicking.
I just have one point to ask AMS, as he seems to know:
Are Savannah hosted projects required to have project documentation the
FDL license?

MJ Ray said yes; I can't tell if AMS is
1. disagreeing with this as a fact, or
2. disagreeing whether or not this should be a problem;
3. or disagreeing with whether or not anyone should be able to point it
out as something for consideration.

(2) has been done to death, I don't intend to debate (3), I would just
like to clarify (1).


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