ANNOUNCE: X Window System X11R7.1 Released by X.Org Foundation

Leon Shiman leon at
Mon May 22 23:48:15 UTC 2006

		X.Org Foundation Releases X11R7.1

    First Modular Source Code Roll-up Release of the X Window System

Brookline, Massachusetts, May 22 2006. Five months after release of X11R7.0, 
the modularized and autotooled release of the MIT ("X") Licensed X Window 
System source code, the X.Org Foundation has issued its first modular 
roll-up release.

X11R7.1 supports Linux, Solaris, and  BSD systems. It includes important new 
server and driver features for embedded systems, 64 bit platforms, enhanced 
operating system support,  and accelerated indirect GLX support. It most 
importantly demonstrates to developers and industry immediate benefits of 

The full source code is free and available from ftp.X.Org and mirror sites 
worldwide (see a complete list of features in 
the new release and the contributors, please visit: . 

The X Window System is distributed under the MIT ("X") License by the X.Org 
Foundation LLC. All X Window System Releases are the work of volunteer 

All X11R7.0 derivative ("modularized") releases divide the source code into 
logically distinct modules, separately developed, built, and maintained by 
the community of X.Org developers. This concentrates and accelerates 
development time, supporting continuous modification, testing, and 
publication of each module.The new modular format offers focused 
development, and rapid and independent updates and distribution of tested 
modular components as they are ready, freed from the biennial maintenance 
release timetable. These changes in source code management, giving openness 
and transparency to the source code base and employing current technology, 
invite a new generation of developers to contribute, building on the long 
tradition of the X Window System.

Twice yearly, roll-up releases collect and publish a new reference source 
code version. X11R7.1 is the first of these regular releases, demonstrating 
the success of the new development environment. The last monolithic tree 
released, X11R6.9.0, will continue to be be supported with security patches, 
as are all past X.Org Foundation releases, while new feature development is 
concentrated on the X11R7.* modular code base.

Membership is free and open to contributors. Sponsorship is encouraged to 
support the global activities of the X.Org Foundation. Current X.Org 
Sponsors include Sun Microsystems, HP, IBM, StarNet Communications, 
AttachmateWRQ, Hummingbird, and Integrated Computer Solutions Incorporated 
[ICS].* Information concerning organization, activities, and mailing lists 
can be found at http://www.X.Org.

In continuous use for over 20 years, the X Window System provides the only 
standard platform-independent networked graphical window system bridging the 
heterogeneous platforms in today's enterprise: from network servers to 
desktops, thin clients, laptops, embedded systems, and hand-helds, 
independent of operating system and hardware.  

Submitted by Leon Shiman (secretary at X.Org).

* LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. "Solaris" is a 
trademark of Sun Microsystems. Company names are trademarks of their 
registered owners.


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