A good license for PHP framwork?

"Roland H├Ąder" r.haeder at will-hier-weg.de
Wed Jan 18 14:21:39 UTC 2006


as for a complete program (e.g. my php script "mxchange") it is not a good
idea to lower security because I want that it stays free.

But as for a "library" it might be a good idea to let them implementate it
into other "non-free" programs.

BTW: Is an appplication framework more library or more "complete program"?
In my view it's a library regardless my framwork will create full valid HTML
pages. The "main program" is missing in e.g. my framework - what also the
word "framework" said: a frame-around-work. A frame script (library) around
the main program so the "main program coder" can focus on his project and
has not to focus on e.g. a Content Management System.

And argh.... little typo in subject: PHP fram-->e<--work. the >e< is
missing. ;-)

Best wishes,

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