A good license for PHP framwork?

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Wed Jan 18 14:34:47 UTC 2006

Roland H├Ąder wrote:

>as for a complete program (e.g. my php script "mxchange") it is not a good
>idea to lower security because I want that it stays free.
>But as for a "library" it might be a good idea to let them implementate it
>into other "non-free" programs.
>BTW: Is an appplication framework more library or more "complete program"?
>In my view it's a library regardless my framwork will create full valid HTML
>pages. The "main program" is missing in e.g. my framework - what also the
>word "framework" said: a frame-around-work. A frame script (library) around
>the main program so the "main program coder" can focus on his project and
>has not to focus on e.g. a Content Management System.
>And argh.... little typo in subject: PHP fram-->e<--work. the >e< is
>missing. ;-)
What if the guy using your framework wants to add other php projects 
like JpGraph, or some image management?
This may be impossible depending on the licensing of these other items

Once project where this became important is Agata php report writer and 
JpGraph which was changed to the QPL.
Thus it is impossible for Agata (GPL) to use new versions of JpGraph.


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