A good license for PHP framwork?

"Roland Häder" r.haeder at will-hier-weg.de
Wed Jan 18 10:52:17 UTC 2006

> Both of those seem good ideas. As long as you use a licence that
> is known to be a free software licence and generic (the PHP
> licence is not generic), then I think many people will be happy.

okay so it depends on my view if it is more a "library" or a "program".

> Beyond that, which you choose is a tactical decision based on:
>  * your beliefs
I beliefe in free software. Many times discussed with friends. Some of mine
disagree making "everything" for free (they mean "no costs" and not

>  * the preferences of your collaborators
My main project is GNU GPL and it's not a library. It's a PHP program

>  * the licences used by any competitors
> and more besides.
Close-source, dedicated to one person. Unicate programming. I fully disagree
with this. I want to give everyone who want's to write browser games a
little tool in his hand.

I know there is already a free script out there on sourceforge. But the last
update is 2 to 3 years ago and no documentation is available. I want to make
it better. :-)

Okay, so I will think about it.

Thank you a lot for your help. :)

  Roland Haeder (ä = ae)

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