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Andres K. Foerster list at
Tue Jan 3 18:20:01 UTC 2006

Am Tuesday, dem 03. Jan 2006 schrieb Alfred M. Szmidt:

>    > We _must_ presure big companies to release their specs, so that
>    > all users of computers can have the freedom that they deserve.
>    Nobody will open the specs, until anybody starts with it...
> Which is why we as users, must bitch and moan loudly.  Many companies
> already release their specs for drivers.  Some don't, these should be
> painted in the darkest colour possible until they do what is morally
> sound.  ATI used to release the graphic card specifications for
> example...

But AFAIK nobody released specifications for 3D hardware acceleration 
yet. That is, what I meant with "anybody has to start with it".


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