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Tue Jan 3 16:55:32 UTC 2006

Jeroen Dekkers wrote:

>>One of the biggest missing pieces in the free software desktop will
>>increasingly become good OpenGL drivers. I have a Radeon 9200SE, which
>>has a great free driver, and plays bzflag wonderfully. My Thinkpad has a
>>Radeon Mobility 9000 (R250), which will hopefully run well with the
>>upcoming r300 driver. But, these are both fairly crappy chipsets in
>>comparison to the state of the art, and I'm to understand that beyond
>>the r300 driver we're not going to get squat.
>>Obviously, most people know this already, but it's surely getting more
>>serious over time. OpenGL has to be the way to go, but if all your apps
>>are GL (I don't know the names of all these things, but font rendering
>>strikes me as an obvious beneficiary, there is a GL mozilla you can try,
>>GNOME has some measure of GL support in Gtk+ already, etc. etc.) and you
>>only have a MESA software renderer, that's going to be an awfully slow
>>desktop :(
>>I wish there were some clear solution to this issue....
>I hope this project will succeed:

But you can't tell everyone whose GNU flash animations are slow: tough! 
you should get an open-gl graphics card, can you?
Is hardware opengl really going to be a requirement to play flash 
What about everyone+dog with their old 2D graphics card?

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