Savannah rejects a project because it uses GPL

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Sun Feb 12 03:49:54 UTC 2006

Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

>    > I now fail to see why I should continue this discussion with you.
>    > I was hoping for a level headed one and you seemed to want the
>    > same thing, but now you have resorted to the same low level
>    > tactic as MJ.
>    I asked some clear questions. You do not answer them. Who's
>    resorting to "low level tactic"?
> I was going to answer them, but since you are to busy playing a low
> level tactic game,

I started with some earnest questions in order to understand your
position. You didn't answer them, but started playing on words and
accusing me and others of lying. You don't back up your claims, but
permanently ask others to back up theirs. When confronted with your
contradictions, you don't respond, but counter with new accusations
and unfounded claims.

I cannot change your behaviour. I'll just note that apparently you
don't want to take the chance to explain your pro-FDL position to
me and other readers. You could have said so right away. (I doubt
your childish denials and accusations will convince anyone to use
the FDL ...)

> I will refrain from sending my message.  Please do
> not send any further messages to me on this topic, I will not answer
> them.  I will send the message I promised to send since it is
> partially written, so I will finish it, but please do not respond to
> it;

Actually I prefer to decide for myself whether or not to reply (if
you decide to send that message). I don't need your advice on this.
(But as per your request, I'm sending this reply to the list only,
not to your Reply-To address.)

> I do not wish to continue this discussion with you anymore since
> you are not capable of having a level headed discussion.

Indeed I cannot go down to your level. My sense of logic and my
understanding of natural language prevent me from doing so.


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