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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:37:20 +0100
From: "Kiran Raosaheb Patil" <krp at biocentrum.dtu.dk>
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Subject: Query about GNU-GPL

Dear FSF-Europe team,

I have developed some C++ codes for my study which I wish to make available "freely" to other resarch communities.

But since my program is linked to GPL licensed libraries and non-free libraries as well, I can not distibute it under GPL.
Is there any way that I can distribute only the GPL covered libaries (/parts of libarries used by program) under GPL and rest under different license? It is not possible to make the program work without non-free libaries, unles I invest lot of time for implementing it by myself, which is not feasible for me.

Any suggestions are welcome. If this is not possible, UNFORTUNATELY I many need to turn to a completely non-free system to keep my work available for reserachers acros the world.


Kiran R. Patil
PhD Student
Center for Microbial Biotechnology,
Biocentrum-DTU, Technical University of Denmark
Phone: +45 45252703
Fax: +45 45884148

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