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Slightly off-topic perhaps, but how does the nomination of Paul
Wolfowitz affect Free software?


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> If you are serious about activism - and intellectual property is an
> important issue, for sure, let me suggest something even more pressing
> - the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz but George Bush to be the next
> leader of the World Bank.
> I think it is not out of line to call you local representative and ask
> him to protest this nomination. Here is why:
> 1. The first action by the Bush administration was to drop the
> prosecution of Microsoft for abusing its monopoly. Any Bush appointee
> will support corporate rights against the rights of individuals, be it
> on open source, subsidies,
> etc.  The worlds bank should have a leader that is open to what the
> world has to say, not push an American agenda down the throats of the
> world.
> 2. On a moral ground, we should not have someone responsible for the
> death of tens of thousands of innocent people, the waging of illegal
> war, lying to the world and wasting hundreds of billions that are
> needed to support America's poor, in charge of helping developing
> nations.
> 3. Mr. Wolfowitz has nothing that would demonstrate his ability to do
> a good job in the World Bank. The fact that this is a way to ease him
> off the Pentagon roster is cold comfort. Screwing up the World Bank
> means more hardship the UK and the EU will have to address on their
> own.
> If you agree, please get busy. And either way, have an enjoyable
> weekend.
> Z.

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