Andreas Mueller amu at
Thu Nov 25 19:23:08 UTC 2004


Hope I can get here some help. I downloaded a socalled Mepis Live-CD
from I didnt found the source CD of it.
Mepis is  another Knoppix, based on KDE. I tired to write to info at
nothing happend. I tried to reach Mr. Warren, the guy behind Mepis,
also no answer. Today i reached a socalled Right Holder, located in Europe.
He answered, correct, he's the Right's Holder for Europe ( the Guy from Mepis 
itself is located in US ) I ask Sphinxos, how i get the sourceCD of Mepis, 
they answered, sorry we dont have the sources and send me back to the US Guy. 
Mepis itself is distributed under the GPL.

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