(Fwd) [Fsfe-ie] Irish proposal on software patents passed

Christian Beauprez beauprez at beauprez.fsnet.co.uk
Thu May 20 17:51:20 UTC 2004

Dear James,

> At second reading, we want MEPs to commit to putting back in all of the
> amendments which the Council has just taken out.
> It's not easy, but if we work hard enough it's entirely achievable.

I thoroughly agree. While it is easy to get frustrated at the Council's
seeming permissiveness on this, we mustn't forget that only a week ago they
were talking about this as an A item that could already have been law by
now. The fact that one government rejected these proposals (in the council
which is usually very isolated from the grass roots)  in a short period of
time shows that the lobby's united front is actually crumbling.

On this note, I have gone back to the parliament amendments to see who voted
for what. I was thinking I could turn this into a database for voters to
survey their local candidates before the election. Also we can target our
efforts towards the "swing" voters in the larger parties who maybe
persuadable- many of them could be have been misled by the lobby last time
but it will be less easy now.

I do share however share everyone's dismay at the lack of democracy in this
debate thus far- and indeed what can only be described as contempt for the
wishes of the public at large.



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