EU Communication on the Management of Copyright and Related Rights

MJ Ray mjr at
Wed Jun 16 11:58:10 UTC 2004

The consultation call is on 
and repeated for the UK at 
<URL:>. Replies 
need to be in by 21 June.

What are other EU-based free software groups saying about this? I'll 
copy this to a fsfeurope list. Please reply to -uk for UK specifics, 
or fsfeurope for other EU states.

So, thanks to John we have the two headline points:

1. DRM must not make interop illegal (is this mentioned in the 
"CEN/ISSS report on DRM standardisation and interoperability");

2. DRM must not override fair use/fair dealing provisions, or things 
like the disability discrimination act (need to check EUCD Art5(2)(b) 
about this).

What else do we need to address? Should we include positions on 
Community-wide licensing, harmonisation of individual rights or 
collective rights societies?

Need to check the references to directives 92/100/EEC and 2001/84/EC.

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