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Thu Jun 10 21:42:50 UTC 2004

EU Voters Take Note:

> http://kwiki.ffii.org/ElectPart0405En

The above page provides links that may help European Union citizens
determine which candidates are most supportive of information freedom.  It
provides analyses of the Parties in various Member States, and lets you see
how the Parties and individual MEPs voted on the Software Patent Directive
this past September.

In a world of ubiquitous computing, candidates who take an enlightened
position on software patents are most likely to understand the profound
extent to which unconscionable exclusive rights policies affect our lives
and the wellbeing of society.  It is not an overstatement to say that the
diverse, pervasive effects of policies that allow private parties to lay
claim to naked information and abstract knowledge, easily make those
policies among the most critical, central issues we face today.

For more information on software patents in Europe, start with these links:

> http://swpat.ffii.org/log/intro/index.en.html
> http://swpat.ffii.org/news/03/plen0924/index.en.html
> http://kwiki.ffii.org/?Intro040608En

Latest news:

> http://kwiki.ffii.org/SwpatcninoEn



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