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Ricardo Andere de Mello gandhi at quilombodigital.org
Tue Jan 13 07:38:12 UTC 2004

Em Segunda 12 Janeiro 2004 22:44, Alfred M. Szmidt escreveu:

> And it angers and sadness me to see people to give up their freedoms
> so lightly.  You have always the choice of developing your own version
> of some non-free program, and you have the choice to start a band.
> Using non-free software is never justifiable; be it its price or
> whatever.  Would you also break the license of the GPL for example?
> Because there is no difference between unauthorized copying of
> non-free software and free software.  It is still a breach of the
> license.

Who cares to the license? I'll do what I think is "right". If GPL stops me 
from doing what I believe, that is to free knowledge, I'll certainly break 
it. My compromise is with what I believe, not with a piece of paper.

> The whole argument that non-free software costs to much is totally
> bogus, because free software can cost as much, or even more.  Just
> because it is Free Software does not imply that it is gratis software.
> The argument about "educating" people, is also bogus since non-free
> software doesn't help in that regard--you can't study the code, or
> muck around with it.

I think you don't get the point. The whole discussion is that "free" and 
"non-free" should be more acessible to the people. 

[]s, gandhi

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