what shall I do?

João Miguel Neves joao at silvaneves.org
Fri Jan 9 14:23:10 UTC 2004

A Qui, 2004-01-08 às 20:34, Alfred M. Szmidt escreveu:
>    Well, he pointed me to the website of the project, where they got
>    it from, but there is just a newer version, not the version they
>    put in their package. So till now I haven't been able to get the
>    sources yet.
> Don't they store older copies?  Was the repackaged version modified in
> anyway? If it wasn't then giving a link to where they originally
> downloaded the copy is perfectly OK I think.
Just the link isn't ok. If this is non-commercial distribution it can
only be done if the Andreas received an offer for accessing the source
code. If that isn't the case, this is a GPL violation.

>    I also contacted the authors of former works. One couldn't be
>    reached at all and the other doesn't care too much.
>    So, what shall I do now?
> As I see it, there isn't much you can do since you are not the
> copyright holder.
This is the problem. If the copyright holders don't care about a license
violation, there's nothing you can do. I advise you to get used to get
the source code with the binary every time it's possible.
						João Miguel Neves

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